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CD Review Patti Sterling Bettin' On You

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'Bettin' On You', Patti Sterling, Kon Kord, 2003

It is hard to decide what to say about this CD,
except that is it great.
On her web site, Sterling
describes herself as doing 'jazz based R&B with a
Texas edge.' On this CD, however, she delivers mostly pop/dance music with soul and R&B undercurrents. What makes them stand out are the songs themselves and  Sterling's voice.
Usually a CD has one or two cuts that are targeted as radio hits. All of the first three cuts here could qualify here. 'The Philly Song (Really Doesn't Matter)' has a funky beat with a sunny melody. 'Bettin' On You' happily combines a bit of dance electronica and rock guitar with Sterling's powerful voice.
'Woman' is a bluesy based number that shows off Sterling's impressive vocal range.  So does the ending cut 'Eye of the Storm.'
All four have powerful background vocals, featuring Sterling herself and four other women. They are gospel style, as in many of Aretha Franklin's hits.
'Love Is So Good When You're Stealing It,' a romantic duet with Rue Davis, is a soul number. So is 'Room at the End of the Hall,' a spooky number with a story that has Sterling's lover cheating with her live-in sister. Sterling co-wrote the latter, as she did with seven of the ten cuts.
The appealingly quirky 'Seven Desires,' which lists them throughout (health, wealth, wisdom, power, luck, long life, and love). 'East of Midnight' is a jazz/lounge flavored change of pace.
Hopefully both radio stations and dance fans will soon discover Sterling and her strong, upbeat songs.

- Dave Howell

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